Art in silence

TV’s The Great Pottery Throw Down has caught my enthusiastic attention in more ways than one. Usually turning up late to TV series, it wasn’t until the inspirational sixth series of The Great British Bake Off that I learned of its existence – and became hooked.

Potters and bakers alike have shown themselves to be marvellous and extraordinary people. Creators. I’d be delighted to meet any one of them, and each has taught me more, much more than they would ever have known or intended.

One of the potters tonight spoke of his deep preference, need even, for silence when throwing pots, resonating with my own deep need for silence in a host of ordinary daily activities. 

And I’ve been asking myself since, just how much great art and culture and peace and security is born and brought forth in the depths of a sought after silence? What might humankind learn from that?

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