The mind cannot do without analogies in its attempts to represent God – so the door is wide open to risks.

Henri de Lubac
Jesuit priest and cardinal

If the key to world peace proves to require a deeper humility in the heart of worldwide humankind we’ll do well to remind each other that any and all of us can only ever make “attempts to represent God”.

The biggest and most threatening risk we’ll ever open the door to is the self-assured voice that tells us that our own analogies, and only our own analogies, have any degree of truth in them.

We must allow for some new analogies. We must dare, in this twenty-first century, to seek a universal way, beyond our current preconceptions, and that might involve letting go of some or all of the nomenclature of past analogies, in order to risk our way into a new poetry – of a blessed and universal new Life.

Star Wars (wherever they’re being observed) might very usefully be preceded by an encouragement to “everyperson” to reach out beyond themselves, in heart and soul and mind and body, and then perhaps to “pray”, howsoever they may.

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