Sleepers wake! – is Advent Sunday’s call – and we’ve certainly been held enthralled this year by worldwide cinema screening of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale – from London’s Garrick Theatre. Dame Judi Dench with Sir Kenneth Branagh and his Company were heart-stoppingly good. We shed tears over both folly and redemption.

Wind in my wheels, and gale-force gusting all around us too. We’ve lost a couple of roof slates and the stove chimney’s howling. Scudding grey clouds have occasionally been parted by sunshine. We’re certainly wide awake.

Advent – a coming – beckons, and I’m reminded of poet C Joy Bell C’s

Before the End

The sunlight has reopened
Many a door for me
Look at it emerging
Pushing the doors open
Asking us to come in (or step out)
Telling us there is something more!
We think something is over
But then the sun opens doors
The light calls us beyond
Shows us something more
Before you say “the end”
Consider the sunshine first
There is something more

C Joy Bell C
All Things Dance Like Dragonflies

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