The “good news” that inspirited the Evangelist St John was of a Light shining in darkness that would never be overcome. For many years, on his feast day, 27th December, we have celebrated light with friends of over forty years standing – the light of faith, generally, and the light of love and long friendship, particularly.

Around warm and candlelit hearth and home, feeling like royalty in the presence of extraordinarily generous hospitality, we’ve shared so many of our highs and lows across the years that now – “friends on earth and friends above” – they seem, to us all, to have blended into one.

May the co-creating, faithing, living “poetry” of all the world’s good news bearers, from each and every gifted and poetic tradition, and in each and every home, draw us inexorably towards that great light, that ultimate one-ness or communion that St John the Evangelist knew – and was certain could never be overcome.

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