Something tells me …

Happy New Year! – What a fabulously spectacular opening to 2016 we’ve just seen on TV – at and around the Millennium Wheel in London. I can’t remember ever being so overwhelmed by fountain upon fountain of uproarious festal delight-in-light – though, it must be said – the display in our own little village was quite a treat as well.

Festivals of Light are such glorious ways to celebrate our hope for today and for every tomorrow – all the way from the lighting of individual candles to which HM the Queen referred on Christmas Day, to the great cities around our world joyfully and hopefully welcoming the new. 

Oh, the London fireworks brought tears to our eyes – and never more so than upon our hearing the much-loved voice of dear Cilla Black – herself now embracing an expansive new new – echoing across the Thames. (The whole treat’s here, courtesy of the BBC, at YouTube)

Something tells me, something’s gonna happen tonight … 

Yes: may it be peace.

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