The English Lakeland Fells are always a glorious sight, but driving South today the whole of the southern range had been transformed – snow white, standing brilliantly outlined and proud for miles against the dome of a deep blue sky – and our hearts soared.

The truth is that startlingly beautiful transformations are taking place before and behind our eyes, indoors and outdoors, and in both our outer and inner lives, every moment of every day. Faced with today’s especially mountainous majesty – which couldn’t be missed if one tried – I realise though that I do miss so many miracles around me simply because I don’t pay attention. A sort of adult-dullard-by-accident! 

So I’m going to make a conscious effort to look out for life’s multiple transformations, and to take note of them. It’s something beyond all telling that entire mountain ranges can be “painted” by zillions of tiny flakes of ice, themselves works of breathtakingly beautiful art, design, order and symmetry. Gifts to be on the lookout for, moment by moment, and so many of them incalculably good for our souls.

6 thoughts on “Transformed

  1. Sounds lovely, Simon, and you paint such a picture. Mimi is awaiting a liberal dollop of ‘the white stuff’ at this very monent, and I think this time around we have dodged the bullet….


    1. Thanks Lori. We’ve been hearing reports of Jonas. I’m not sure that the UK generally sees snow on quite the scale that you sometimes have in the US. I saw a fascinating photo recently of a car that had been turned into an icicled work of art. Keep warm!

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  2. Beautiful heartfelt writing as always…..and I love your new pages – the snowy photo made me shiver even though it’s >30’C here!! And your sketches are gorgeous….wonderful expression of colours….have you looked up the “urban sketchers” pages….lots of folk sketching and sharing ideas/experiences 🙂


    1. Thanks so much sketchbookblue – for your very kind encouragement. My sketches pale, I think, alongside yours. I need a great deal more practice at laying simple lines that are perfectly expressive and accurate account of what I’m actually seeing. I think you’ve got that. The old electricity sub-station is superb. Thank you – I’ll look up the urban sketchers.


    1. Keep warm Mimi! Jonas sounds like it’s going to be quite something. I’m sure that snow will make your neighbourhood look lovely – as it does here – but thoughts nonetheless and hopes that everyone keeps safe 🙂


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