Jaipur Marigold

Just a brief post today to note how much I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening’s The Real Marigold Hotel on BBC2 – and to thank Ann for tipping us the wink about it.

Having now seen the first 2 of a series of 3 – inspired by the earlier pair of Best Marigold Hotel films, I’m enchanted, and as Wesley said long ago (and in an entirely different context!) “my heart is strangely warmed” towards Jaipur particularly and India generally; and also somehow deeply moved by the retiree participants, all of whom I feel I’ve “met” – and enjoyed meeting – much more “really” than tv would ordinarily make possible for me.

Both people and place are fascinatingly, richly colourful and textured. I hope that the series is available beyond the UK and sense that, after a bit more reflection, I’ll be writing some more about The Real Marigold Hotel – Tuesday 9th February, BBC2 at 21:00 (and BBC iPlayer).

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