It’s stopped raining!

I don’t quite know whether to keep quiet about it or to join the celebration – but everyone I’ve encountered beneath a blue and sunlit sky today has said: “it’s stopped raining!” – (kindly thinking, perhaps, that I hadn’t noticed!). Isn’t it endlessly fascinating that clear skies and sunshine unfailingly make such a difference in our lives? Even the choir of garden birds sound in heartier, brighter, decidedly more cheerful voice than they were yesterday. The little dog across the way who spends a fair proportion of his time yapping about the rain appears today, instead, to be smiling. And me? – well, lighter on the outside absolutely cheers and encourages lighter, brighter, meditation and gratitude on the inside! How very finely balanced – and spectacularly miraculous we all are – and how very many gardens have benefitted today from the delighted emergence of their happy and industrious superintendents!

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