Weekend Meditation (!)

The water in your body contains primordial hydrogenĀ formed in the first seconds of the Big Bang. The carbon atomsĀ that formed you came together after the explosion of aĀ supernova. The concentration of salt in your body matchesĀ the concentration of salt in the ancient seas. Your cells areĀ direct descendants of unicellular organisms that developed billionsĀ of years ago. You see because chlorophyll molecules mutated, soĀ that like plant leaves, your eyes can capture the light from theĀ sun. And in your motherā€™s womb your tiny body repeated the wholeĀ process of multi-cellular life on earth, beginning with a singleĀ cell, and then developing greater and greater complexity.

Judy Cannato
Radical Amazement

“No. No. I’m never bored, that I can think of, anyway. And don’t you think it’s a terribly overused word?” – I answered a sincere enquirer recently. “Well, maybe”, came the reply, “but what do you do to fill in the gaps – the down-time when you’re on your own?”

So it happened that we got to talking about contemplation and meditation being as important as air to me. Bored? Never. I sat for a couple of hours this afternoon with just one paragraph from Judy Cannato. And that was before I’d turned to Mary Oliver’s latest collection! AND Spring is on the way …

2 thoughts on “Weekend Meditation (!)

  1. You have inspired me to look up Judy Cannato in Google. I do enjoy learning new things to stimulate my brain. I think it is what my Latin Teacher called ” educato” ( but then I never was much good at Latin)
    By the way , I’m so happy to hear of your family party and a teeny weeny bit envious!

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