Infinite extension

The human person is a centre of consciousness
which is capable of infinite extension and as it
grows it becomes more and more integrated with
the whole complex of persons who make up

Bede Griffiths
A New Vision of Reality

Is this what mellowing’s about? – quieting the ego, the Me, Me, Me-ness of existence here in this world. The late and great Fr Bede spent a lot of his time on earth contemplatively growing and becoming “more and more integrated”; there are one or two inspiring YouTube videos of interviews with him in old age that give hope on the days when human behaviour around the world looks bleak. I guess we don’t do anyone any favours by trying to rush things. Growing’s not like that at all. But after just a cursory glance at today’s world news coverage I find I’m yearning with every fibre of my being for the “infinite extension” of an integrated humanity.

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