Now or far?

How do we cut through the shoulds and oughts of our
educational and religious training that say that what we
long for is in some far off place and that we’ll only get
there if we do it right?

How do we discover the wisdom, support and Love that
are always with us and that are accessible in the living
moment? The key is to cultivate a curious mind and an
inclusive heart so that we can not only make contact with
Life—here and now—but also learn to see the stories
flowing through our heads all day long and how they keep
us cut off from Life.

Let us begin the journey of quieting our mind and opening
our hearts by intriguing ourselves with what we miss when
our attention is ensnared in a mind that believes it is
separate from Life.

Mary O’Malley, Diane Solomon, MarySue Brooks
Belonging to Life: The Journey of Awakening

Sabbath time this afternoon brought further development of May Sarton’s theme yesterday – living in “the changing light of a room”. In quiet cultivation of “a curious mind and an inclusive heart” we may experience deep peace, not afar off, but in the very midst of Life circumstance right here and right now. Any of us, anywhere, who have taken – or are taking, in this very moment – just a few seconds to hear the pulse of our own heartbeat can give account of our renewed intention to experience the joy of it again, and again, and again. Now, and now, and now …

Peace that passeth understanding is Now, not far.

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