Houghton Weavers

It’s my wife’s birthday: memorable for the clearest of blue skies and snow on the felltops, and for Lancashire folk group The Houghton Weavers (YouTube) having woven their rich spell upon a happy crowd at Theatre by the Lake tonight – where we chatted with a retired ship’s captain who should write a book, a couple from Lincolnshire, and a couple from Canada. That’s pulling power! Last week we were spellbound and starstruck by Elkie Brooks (71 on Thursday), and tonight completely drawn in by the Weavers with a great guest appearance by Jim Berry. There’s nothing quite like live performance and the warm feelgood factor of such a night. The BBC had reported earlier on the splendid founding of a special new “Tuneless” choir for people in Nottingham. “That’s been us for 41 years” said Tony, before he and the lads proved themselves anything but! Keep folk smiling is the Weavers’ motto. And they’re still joyfully succeeding.

7 thoughts on “Houghton Weavers

      1. Yes, returned to my desk this morning after a few days away with a dear friend who has recently suffered a terrible loss–her husband of 20+ years died after a nasty, very short battle with cancer, leaving her a widow at 50. She is devastated and scared, so I went to spend a few days with her. It. Was. Good. We’ve known one another since childhood, so shared history runs deep, and we can say pretty much anything to one another, which is helpful in times of profound distress, I’ve learned. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated, we mourned, we held each other tight for a few days and thanked God for one another…. Xx


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