Most of the time

8am – Sometimes one doesn’t have time to write. In fact most of the time we don’t have time to write. Most of the time we don’t have time to be with ourselves …

11am – Sometimes after having found a small space to write, one finds another one that day, and another. That is because as soon as you sit down to write in the first place, something begins to flow. And it doesn’t stop moving after that. It keeps on flowing through your day …

Burghild Nina Holzer
A Walk Between Heaven and Earth

Actually, it just can not be healthy, can it? It can’t be good for us, physically, mentally or spiritually to run around like headless chickens kidding ourselves that we don’t have time. It’s Mad Hatter stuff. Late, late, always late for a very important date! – except the date’s just kiddology. Half the time there’s no really pressing date, and we ain’t late.

We ain’t late. And we’re fundamentally built to create. The daily business of creative expression is, precisely, what it means to be human person, what people of religious persuasion might call being made “in the image of God / Creator”. Made to imitate a purpose: to create.

So, amongst other things, I’ve spent some time in the past few days laying the foundations of a new online “garden studio”; a home base for writing – a gathering place for “just the way some things are” – arts, books, contemplation, film, flash fiction, journal, meditation, reflection, painting, photography, poetry, prose.

Here something begins to flow. You’re welcome to stop by and say hello; welcome to celebrate having time; welcome to a gently evolving, fairly relaxed and thankful space, welcome to writing in light.

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