But time does fly …

Day’s end arrived too quickly today! More than satisfactory though. Just that I’ve currently got five books on the go, several photographic and writing projects, visits and visitors, and intense absorption in the birdlife of our garden here. There are quite usually twenty to thirty birds about at any time from dawn to dark – blackbird, blue tit, chaffinch, dunnock, goldfinch, great tit, jackdaw, sparrow and thrush. And house-martins and swallows on the wing.

The jackdaws are a bit of a pest – not so much to us as to the smaller birds because their appetite and size means that food supplies are dwarfed. So today we’ve added a super new squared trellis to the front of our log-store, otherwise empty during the summer months, and hung our assorted feeders within it. Jackdaws kept out. Little chaps safe within! An ornithological dining room. Ah, how they, and the days fly …

2 thoughts on “But time does fly …

  1. Ahhh, Simon, what a lovely image you paint with your words! I sat on our patio last night, listening to a Great Horned Owl cry, and awoke to the welcoming coo of a Mourning Dove. Our world is a lovely, and magical, place…


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