Fully, really, alive

Cruising in the turquoise Adriatic, the shimmering of heat haze on the wide horizon, there’s similarity with pictures of paradise I loved in childhood. There’s a difference in the point of view though, for I’m still alive on earth to see these wonders, greeted in seven languages.

Actually, everyone looks fully, really alive – glowing, growing and happy. We sail past Vrsar into harbour in colourful Rovinj at noon. Angelus bells in the tower, spectacular fruit market, and stunning architecture in “Croatian Venice” sports family laundry lines, and seagull cries sound like someone told them a hilarious joke. Alive. Here. Now!

6 thoughts on “Fully, really, alive

    1. I certainly want to be that person, friend. And for me I guess it starts over and over with observing the richness and vitality all around me – a recognition I sometimes wish I’d had earlier in life. There have been times when preoccupation with this or that or the other have blocked the view of the panorama. Thankfully, what lies over life’s horizons is simply present anyway, whether I choose to sail over there or not. Life is patient! Thank you, as ever, for your joyful and observant encouragement xx


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