Computers, fountain pens and paintbrushes, garden, library, notebooks, table, watercolour painting papers – seat of the visions of the beginning, the is now, and the shall be; seat of the aspirations, contemplations, creations, learning, loving, meditations, prayers, reflective reminiscences, rest, recreation and thanksgivings.

Six coloured sable-washed swishes carefreely left to right on a journal page over which words might be drawn later. In this case about six months after the paint dried – for the connection with it, or you; for the joy of it, the peace of it; for the friendship in it …

Fence posts to lean on
first pale green then
darker and beyond
browner above which are
yellow hues and
golds and oranges and
above and overarching
these a deep cerulean blue

I wonder as I think of you
at your fence posts
what’s in front of this
horizon and inward
and imagine you could
tell me clear where and
what this view is today
or in memory’s light –
to and for you