Delightful serendipity introduced me to a lovely couple from New York City at London’s Aldwych Theatre tonight. 

Beautiful is a celebration of the life and work of iconic singer Carole King (yup, You’ve got a friend …) who was born in that same city. Stagecraft and set were sumptuous and electrifying. We’re high as kites after a joy-filled procession of delight that received a standing ovation and heartfelt cries for more. 

I told my new friends I’d look out for them in Central Park when we finally head across the Atlantic to have long awaited coffee and grilled cheese with Lori and Mimi and co. (yup, You’ve got worldwide friends). They’re gonna see what’s up with the Karma Truck and with Wind in My Wheels too so, when you two read this, and you’re remembering Carole King’s Beautiful over here in London City, it was great to meet you!

4 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. Oh my friend, I thrill at the prospect of you and Jilly crossing the pond!! We saw Beautiful in DC and delighted in the music and memories it evoked. Come soon – for you are ‘so far away’…xx

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  2. Oh Simon, I echo Mimi’s sentiments! I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing the show, but am a long-standing Carole King fan. Delighted that you met some nice folks from our neck of the woods. Do come soon…. xoxo, L


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