What I know about water


H20 since
Genesis eternally
knows the
way to go
fluid and
sometimes quick
other times slow
often reflective the
frozen version
less dense than the
flowing or the
lake like a
mirror or
river channelling and
cloudburst or
river or
salt sea
potentially refreshing for
me and for
flower and plant
pebble and mole and
reflecting and
thereby luminous
blue or brown or
grey or green
deep here but
there shallow
thirst quenching
ebbing and flowing
subterraneous mysterious
streaming weak
today and
drowning in
flash floods
tomorrow or
laundry-washing and
August afloat on
buoyant play
centre and
I’m 60% made of
it and this
I know and
more to
earth’s core
for sure
about water

Simon Marsh

4 thoughts on “What I know about water

  1. Hi Simon, being on holiday I’m actually having time to follow ‘Wind in My Wheels’ and am enjoying it hugely. Did you write the H2O poem? I thought it so imaginative. Also loved the hedgehog eating up the seeds from the bird feeders, as that is just what they do in my garden under the kitchen Windows, so it made me smile. Love to you both, Alison x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, H20 flowed from my pen. One of our hedgehogs is a ponderous little soul that reminds me of Eeyore! I wonder whether he’s a relative of the dear little soul we found last year – and liberated – who tottered unseeing across the pathway like a tiny drunk, having got his head stuck firmly in a tempting yogurt pot! We hope you’re having the very loveliest holiday xx


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