Wider family

I’m a member of a large extended family – scattered across the globe – and for those two reasons many of us don’t see each other as often as might be otherwise. But last evening’s predicted excellent supper was happy occasion for much more than just the fine table.

Again and again across the years I have found myself marvelling at the family’s breadth and depth of experience and expertise in the whole gamut of human endeavour, and great goodness in siblings and cousins, uncles, aunts, parents and grandparents. Family trees provide account of many and greatly varied origins. As our experience of earth becomes ever more that of the ‘global village’ we’re never short of both facts and mysteries to ponder, at board or in solitude.

What, I wonder, would we make of the combined experience of all humankind, if and when, from a higher, eternal perspective, in one great ‘communion’, we found ourselves able to experience ‘all is said and done’. What might be fitting nomenclature for such encounter? Would the universe contain the compassion that flowed forth from acknowledgement and deep appreciation?