You radiate

People – and all creation – radiate energy. It’s a lovely exercise to take some time, as often as possible, to think of the energies we recognise around us; to contemplate how we respond to them; to imagine how others might respond to the energies we bring into the world. And to encourage, and tread lightly along the paths we traverse together.

San Francisco
June 8
Wednesday, morning

I see a rainbow. The white light of the sky becomes the aura of the earth. I remember the teacher who read his students’ energy fields and said: “I don’t need to read your journals, you radiate everything, your auras are all around you.”

Burghild Nina Holzer
A Walk Between Heaven and Earth

6 thoughts on “You radiate

  1. Simon, you radiate Peace and Love. I have known it since we were first introduced. Your poetry and your portraits of places, especially Iona, continue to validate my opinion.

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    1. Thank you dear Eighty eight. I thought about you both a lot whilst on the island. Iona is so special because it ‘comes out to meet another’. Much like person ‘islands’. Just like you xx


    1. From Mary Oliver’s poem Everything That Was Broken (Felicity: Penguin Press)

      ‘… I live / now in a sky house, through every / window the sun. Also your presence. / Our touching, our stories. Earthy / and holy both …’

      More and more I’ve come to believe that human souls, some of whom have never met in this world and some who never will, are intended to be gift and grace for one another. Literally lights in the firmament.

      Thank you for your generosity and abiding friendship. You, too, are and will be light to me xxx


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