Fully fledged!

We’ve been a bit troubled recently about our three latest baby house martins. The adult departure-for-sunnier-climes conferences on the telegraph wires have been getting noisier and – we’ve imagined – rather more urgent (UK heatwave this week notwithstanding). Mum and Dad have been keeping up a frenetic feeding / fattening schedule and we’ve heard plenty of affectionate conversation night and day. But the little chaps are still so tiny. Could they possibly be ready in time?

Panic, panic, panic …

Don’t panic! Three tinies headed out on the wing with joyful enthusiasm this morning. We marvelled at how they returned to the nest again and again with sometimes only seconds between their hopping in and out again, growing in confidence with such astonishing speed that soon the return to the nest involved no more than a fleeting peck at its walls, as though the martins were busy now, playing their first game of rounders! So now we move bravely on to bittersweet thoughts of their departure …

see housemartins

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