We were crossing the Sound of Iona between Western Scotland’s Inner Hebridean islands of Mull and Iona – part of the Atlantic Ocean – just a little while ago, and marvelling at the ferry Loch Buie’s riding the strong current that seems set to impede her progress about half way across. I experience a little frisson of triumph whenever I see her safely arrived, either side.

And so it was again today, in Southern Brittany, during the five minute boat trip to the Île aux Moines (Isle of the Monks), the ‘pearl of the Gulf of Morbihan’. Surrounded by the Mare current, deemed to be the strongest in Europe, the little ferries do battle with the swirl dozens of times a day – something we’ve also experienced in kayaks when frisson doesn’t quite nail the encounter!

Explorers, we humans. And islands large and small have a voice that clearly beckons, no matter the waters.

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