When we see that we live in a mind-made world and that we ourselves are of that same formless energy, the idea of having to do anything to experience peace of Mind is as bizarre as the idea that a fish would have to do something to experience water. When you start to notice that the peace of Mind is always present, it begins to fill your consciousness more and more of the time.

Michael Neill
The Space Within

It’s still early. I’m just awake. First light’s broad brush strokes newly primed canvas. Cyclical colours of experience, light to dark, dark to light, as old as the aeons, never to be seen in quite the same way again – the spectrum of my next twenty four hours. And others will form yours, though we will swim in the same school, the same river, the same sea.

Our minds will shape for us what was, what is, what will be.

It’s still early. I’m just awake. Experience of the morning riverbank stirs quietly. Already my mind’s eye seeks shape, intent and purpose for the day but, being early, being only newly awake, no effort at all is required to gaze long upon a single oak leaf in the dawn-lit window. And just above the surface a small bird sings in perfect French. And so it will indeed be.

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