Déjà vu

Photo at Pixabay

Déjà vu – already seen. But sometimes happy surprise nonetheless when something’s quietly come upon again. Over lunch, we spoke of the pleasantly warm Autumn thus far – cheering because the temperature has plummeted today – and of how poetry can encapsulate moments like this. Minds wander for the umpteenth time to a warm and golden evening.

Orchard dwelling

Let me tell of a scented French apple orchard
set before a house of stone still warmed and
painted gold by setting sun

Better perhaps to tell of it in French? –
but then again right now the language of the
telling really does not matter

For already the picture’s painted clear in you
behind your eyes and in your heart and you
sense without a further word

that you are here

24th September 2016


4 thoughts on “Déjà vu

    1. ‘Nestles in a treasure corner’ … yes, absolutely. I’ll remember your lovely phrase. That’s exactly what such things do (and why so much that humankind really needs to remember and return to is written poetically) xx


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