New aeons

Photo at Pixabay

On the morning of a momentous decision in the US

asleep in her little cot now
softly breathing the calm of the
twinkling stars picture-framed – close by
her box of toys – and story-book
open at

the page wherein her eyes closed and
she entered the world of little
ones’ dreams where
there’s no noise save for soft echoes
of the tale about bluebirds and
rivers and

great mountains and fountains and girls
and boys and doll houses and train
sets and the
cuddly teddy bear’s rising high
above his fear of giants and huge

camping close by a lake in a
wilderness space where his silent
in nature’s spacious truths reminds
him that this old world is not much
given to

over-reacting but keeps turning
in her course and the vast silence
of many
billions of aeons unfolding
before his marvelling eyes and
awed wonder

asleep in her little cot now
but when she wakes we shall recall
the teddy
bear’s knowing and growing in the
bluebird’s mountainous wilderness


2 thoughts on “New aeons

  1. Oh Simon – I saw that precious little girl and her bear, the eyes of her adoring grandfather and the tales that will be told when she wakes. What a balm for this heart today – as always. Thank you..xx


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