Moors living

Photo at Pixabay

We’ve been high up on the Yorkshire Moors this afternoon and admired the resilience of people who manage daily life in very isolated parts. Doubtless, life here is easier today, aided by transport logistics, machinery and fuels. Still, while the moors are spectacularly beautiful in their rugged way, they’re demanding, too. Long held knowledge, filled out by experience, on a grey late afternoon in December.

5 thoughts on “Moors living

  1. So beautiful, Simon! I’m currently reading “The Shepherd’s Life: Modern Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape,” by James Rebanks, and this is exactly how I picture the landscape he describes so lovingly…. xo

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  2. Oh my gosh, Simon, you’re kidding!! Talk about a small world! I feel as though I’ve just had a brush with celebrity….Please pass along my heartiest praise..I am absolutely enchanted with the book–heard James interviewed on our local NPR station, bought the book as a gift for my parents (I was raised in a small farming community in Central Illinois and my mother raised and showed sheep as a young girl). Then I got the book for myself! 😊 What fun! Xoxo


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