Still a bit bleak


Hmm. Still a bit bleak and grey this morning but I hit the road anyway – cheered on by the family and friends who are themselves engaged in post-festive efforts to regain their former shape! Flat-footed, I’ve never been a hugely enthusiastic walker (hence the bike). But, recognising walking’s health benefits, I’m also beginning to recognise the joys of morning meditation ‘on the hoof’, accompanied by birdsong, and with lungs full of good fresh air. Even when it’s raining! Five and a half miles after breakfast, and home by 10am. A car journey tomorrow will give my poor blisters a chance to heal.

10 thoughts on “Still a bit bleak

  1. A bleak day here in New England as well, Simon, but the dogs and I hit the road late this afternoon nonetheless and am happy to report that my Fitbit cheerfully logged just over 6 miles. Felt justified in coming home to curl up in front of the fire with a nice glass of wine. 😉

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      1. PS – Fellow curl-up-with-a-book-lover. Have you seen Mary Oliver’s stunning newish essay collection ‘Upstream’? I’d have sent it to you for Christmas if I’d had your non-virtual new address. On Amazon, of course. Sorry to tempt!

        Saw some Wild Geese in Scotland earlier today and will blog/post photo later. I think I love them especially because of Mary Oliver’s ‘Wild Geese’. A lady poet I’ve never met has been one of my life’s long-term inspirations! xx


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