Photo: Reuters

I’ve watched televised US Inauguration Ceremonies since that of Richard Nixon – in rabbit-aerial-snowed black and white. Today’s was beamed faultlessly to my desk by way of Apple’s miraculous iMac. I wish all possible good for the United States of America, and our dear friends who are citizens of that great nation.

The deepest impression made upon me (and doubtless others, the world over) has been the marvellous dignity we witnessed in former President Barack Obama, his First Lady, and each of their predecessors graciously present (or having sent written apology for enforced absence) at the ceremony today. That kind of transfer, dignified transfer, wherever it happens in the world, is worthy of note and appreciation.

Leadership is a costly and demanding business for all who undertake it. May dignity prevail – everywhere – first.

One thought on “Transfer

  1. Many impressions were created ! But I agree that the most dignified and gracious were the Obamas. His serene face was such a contrast to many others.


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