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Well, I wasn’t wrong about the snow and ice. We knew it immediately on waking – as what little road traffic passes here at that time in the morning was making its way much more gingerly than usual, tyres crunching instead of swishing. Black ice on the roads and footpaths is lethal. The planned feet-resting-day looked set to be confirmed, of necessity.

But UK weather is nothing if not unpredictable. As the day lightened and brightened, the roads, at least, began to thaw, and the kind of golden light that brings photographers here from all over the world began to paint the landscape again. By early evening I walked with my coat opened, almost too warm, the Pennine ridge in the distance clearly deep-snow covered whilst the near landscape luxuriated in ever-changing colours of day. All this AND hot coffee and lasagne after sunset. ‘Twas a good day.

7 thoughts on “Colours of day

  1. As I motored to Church early this morning, I noticed the amazing colours of sunrise. The azure blue sky was patterned with fluffy clouds, but they were pink ,the bases of which had a touch of grey. I wished I could have captured the moment. My euphoria was soon diminished as I stepped out to find my feet sliding on the Tarmac and to make matters worse the Church boiler had gone kaput! The red sky in the morning certainly gave me no warning, although it didn’t give way to rain until midday.

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    1. Thanks Mimi. It’s a lovely fact that one’s friends do indeed ‘walk’ with one across many a mile. Often I find, as you do, that in meditation and / or walking one’s furthest friends come considerably closer to mind and heart. Where shall we go tomorrow? x

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