Winter, spring, summer or fall


What if the man could see Beauty Itself, pure, unalloyed, stripped of mortality and all its pollution, stains, and vanities, unchanging, divine … the man becoming, in that communion, the friend of God, himself immortal; … would that be a life to disregard?


Last Wednesday’s snow photographs were to be followed later in the day by some thoughts about the ever-changing scenes ‘on opening curtains’. But those same ever-changing scenes took over, as they often do, and our feet have hardly touched the ground since. Visitors, rich conversations, another family funeral later this week, and so on … it’s like that for all of us.

But this evening there’s time to reflect with wonder upon snow less than a week ago – and streams of sunshine through our windows today. And the response of daffodil buds on the desk to photosynthesis. Cold last week. Warm as toast today. That kaleidoscope I was talking about last Tuesday is a living, breathing reality. Life is always and everywhere ‘on the move’ – and always quietly turning its face to the light.

I think I’d been intending to muse further on ways in which perspectives draw us to different conclusions and life experiences. I can’t exactly remember, of course, what I’d meant to write then. Thoughts are fleeting. The impulses of the mind come and go. That fact, too, is something to be celebrated – and breathed.

As night follows day I’m growing and changing immeasurably, through conversations, deep silences, listening, observation, unknowing and – to give them a further mention – the joie de vivre of three woodpeckers who share this neck of the woods with us.

Many’s the time I see Beauty Itself.

6 thoughts on “Winter, spring, summer or fall

  1. My mind stops at the word ‘funeral’, as do I, for I send my heart to you and your family. My gratitude extends to the woodpeckers, daffodils and beauty that you see and share…xx

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    1. Mimi, thanks so much. The gathering will be a thankful one, for the very long and happy life of an elderly cousin who, for a time, lived in the US, having emigrated with her parents when she was just two years old. We looked up the name of the ship on which the family sailed (having a copy of the passenger list to hand) – and surprise of surprises – found an old Pathé news film of said ship in full steam! Ah. The uniting wonders of the world wide web. Thank you for your thoughts, as ever. And for being you xx


  2. Sometimes we need to hear/ read passages such as this. You have a wonderful skill in reminding us at this time of Murder in the streets of London that the world is full of beauty, as surely it is. To all the bereaved we grieve with you. Peace be with you.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, so full of beauty, and also the ‘unknowing’ – the things we’ll never understand. Into all of this it’s good to share quiet moments, isn’t it? – and to breathe peace – both the word and the intent. Again, thank you xx


  3. Life’s ebb and flow, pulling us inexorably along, sometimes happily, sometimes through pools of sorrow and remembrance. Sending you love and support across the miles, Simon, and quietly speaking my gratitude for a world that includes kind souls like you. xx

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