A good day


Red squirrel watching (can you spot him atop the wall, just left of centre?) and a writing day today, along with enjoying cherry blossom and entire youth clubs of lambs like little jump jets leaping into the air, chasing each other with abandon, and all-engaged in a cacophany of Mmmmaaaaammmm at dusk.
IMG_7591 IMG_7628IMG_7633IMG_7638 IMG_7641 IMG_7646

3 thoughts on “A good day

  1. How I love your photos! These show me your surroundings in a way that is so loving and cozy and full of delight. If I can’t see the lambs insistingly calling their mothers, the red squirrel in mid scamper down the tree, the magnificence of the hillsides in person, then at least I can visit through your lens. Thank you, my dear friend…xx

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  2. Oh ,to be in Cumbria now that spring is here. I love your garden Jilly and I am puzzled as to the whereabouts of the red squirrel ! Is it on the tree? I think you said the wall.


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