Still here


To lean on this gate
is to meditate
upon millions of
comings and goings

cattle, sheep, squirrel
racing clouds, windswept
hedge and tree, farmer
headed home for tea

field, fells, road, sky and
the buzzard’s sharp cry
set in silence and
presence and absence

of grandfathers and
shepherds and horses
and scythes, caps and coats
old ploughs and voices

across the lichened
centuries and the
penuries, still here


9 thoughts on “Still here

        1. But not so, dear Mimi. Honestly. Who but a poet would author and inspire thousands with a journal named ‘Waiting For The Karma Truck’ ? I mean, seriously! That one perfect image is now firmly implanted in the glad hearts of your innumerable friends, engaged with you in the ‘Stature of Waiting’ (the name of a marvellous book by one of my teachers, himself a really gifted poet) – all over the world! xx

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