Little and large


I enjoy books about photography and photographers, surprise, surprise! But seriously, there’s always something new, even after years and years. Always some new take on things, new tips and suggestions that I’m keen to try out. Today I happened upon an old and anonymous newspaper clipping:

‘pick up your camera, walk twenty paces, and make a frame of the first thing that catches your eye, slowly (you, not necessarily the camera) …’

So I did. And the first thing that caught my eye was this tiny insect surveying the last of the our garden daisies to remain reasonably intact after recent wind, rain and their succumbing to old (for daisies) age. The photo is clickable to enlarge, and again for larger still. I’m enthralled by the detail I can observe in just one small daisy. And I wonder what might be the interesting details to be seen close-up were an extra-terrestrial giant to stoop down with a magna-camera to make a macro-frame of me ?