Reasons and seasons

Ullswater | simon marsh | iPhone7Plus with Slow Shutter Cam for iOS on tripod

I love Ullswater for many reasons and in all seasons – and always when it’s time to have a few cobwebs blown away. This long-exposure (clickable) photo, made this afternoon, captured racing clouds and a decidedly stiff wind – whipping the Union flag at the end of the pier into a frenzy that makes it appear phantom-like against the sky. If you look carefully you may spot the ghostly sage green hull of one of the steamers heading away from the pier too. And the cobwebs? They took flight!

2 thoughts on “Reasons and seasons

  1. Ah, Ullswater ! A specially happy memory. A trip on the lake to a distant shore. The breeze giving us reason to go below and keep warm, but still have the wonderful view of beautiful Lakeland. Another World away from tumult of everyday living. Dreams are made of such pleasures.

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