12 thoughts on “A powerful experiment

  1. I re-posted this…it is powerful and beautiful and touched my heart. This was also done as an art exhibit in NY a few years back. The artist sat in a chair and invited people to sit across from her in silence…xx


    1. Thanks dearest M. One of my chief photographic interests for years has been eyes. Did you know that many cameras have a (sometimes movable) focus dot in the viewfinder? If you aim that dot on the pupil of a person’s eye – and thereby on the retina – everything else in what will be a soulful portrait comes into wonderful focus. Thus shall Andy, and thee ‘n’ me, and Lori, see one another some glad day 😘 x

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  2. The eyes really are the mirror of the soul, aren’t they?! I was crying nearly right away and haven’t stopped yet. The power of “seeing” each other, of being vulnerable before the stranger, of needing to connect after the four minutes of gazing are testament to the silken ties that we have with every other person with whom we share this planet. The tenderness is palpable. The smiles are golden! Thank you!


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