It’s us who need nature …

I wasn’t especially conscious of being in need of a bit of therapy when I placed my order for Dr Katie Cooper’s lovely volume Plant Therapy (link). Turns out it’s exactly what I needed this evening.

I’ve had one of those days that don’t really get going properly, and conversation with friends told me that several of us have been in the same – slightly under the weather – boat. Generally fairly sanguine, thinking about the suffering C-19 is causing in every direction has been gnawing at me more than usual. Sometimes lake, ocean and river put me to rights, at others my garden, a walk or an afternoon nap are the answer.

Tonight it’s having this book open in my lap that’s encouraging meditation, gratitude and fellow feeling with others – many suffering C-19 much more than my slightly grizzled mood is. Truth to tell, just having this beautiful book in the house has a great positive effect! A delight …

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