MV Columbus

I want to say such a fond farewell to MV Columbus – the beautiful, friendly ship with whom I met some truly wonderful new friends and visited some of the world’s great cities – among them Aarhus, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, St Petersburg and …

I smile as I think of a morning in the stunningly beautiful Tallin, in Estonia. Along with a couple of friends, we were attracted to a lovely looking street café that was apparently famous for, and had an extensive menu describing, about a dozen different flavoured lemonades. Back and forth we went, for half an hour or more: strawberry lemonade, marmalade lemonade, lightly peppered lemonade, and so on. Several times we sent the young waitress away for another few minutes until we’d settled on our choices. Eventually we were sure. The waitress reappeared and we named our desires. “Sorry,” she said, in perfect English, “we’ve only got lemonade today!”

Post Covid-19, Columbus has been sold at auction, and has been described as being “in limbo” for the time being. May she sail again in better times. And may she bring joy to others as she has to me.

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