Be a leader

Take the Lead

You choose how your life is going to be. Don’t let anyone make decisions for you unless they’ve got your head on their neck and your heart in their chest. Be a leader. A leader of your own life. And don’t get yourself to a point where you realize that you are on a road that is not your own. And, no, leadership does not mean that you have to be popular or have people following you. Being a leader is about leading your own mind’s logic and leading your heart’s reason. Be cognizant of the decisions that your mind and heart make, and your life will be much more meaningful and rewarding.

Najwa Zebian
Mind Platter


Take the Lead. Now there’s a challenge in times when the very notion of leadership – or the perceived lack thereof – is taking some stick all around the world. But what an important and necessary challenge! I am responsible for my own life. I can decide to stand tall and smile – two simple actions that change the way I go about my day.

I am responsible for doing everything I can to maintain my personal sense of general wellbeing – no matter the constantly changing circumstances, or the opinions, patterns, politics or preferences of others. I have not abrogated that responsibility to a prime minister, nor to a president, doctor, neighbour, nurse, partner, teacher, friend or family member – though I need to remind myself of that fact from time to time, and albeit that I am grateful whenever effective and necessary leadership and service for the good of all is provided by any or all of these.

I am the leader of my own life – and complex and demanding a responsibility as that is, and though I may fail more than I’d prefer to, whilst gratefully in possession of my faculties I am not powerless. And therein lies my hope and my chief reason for gratitude as, in company with all humankind, I continue to chart my course through strange and difficult times.

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