Edinburgh dreamin’

As Summer saunters towards Autumn, so also my season in glorious Edinburgh ambles towards its close (for now) – and I can’t get enough photos of what has become a treasured little home – though I have many hundreds! Apologies for having been off the radar a bit recently – especially to my wonderful friends in the US. I never mean to ‘disappear’ – it just happens that way some months. Too busy living and thinking about writing to write about living and thinking! Thankfully, I know that L & M understand that.

Oh but Edinburgh has been wonderful, and I don’t quite know how I’m going to process leaving this lovely little apartment beneath Arthur’s Seat for the last time. But something about the very movement, history, vision and vivacity of Scotland’s gorgeous capital city has reminded me that the world is full of things to be marvelled at, and wonderful people yet to be met. So, all being well, the Autumn months will become another season of preparation for further explorations towards the close of the year, and onwards into the early months of next. So there’ll doubtless be more images and reflections to come – and innumerable reasons for gratitude …

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh dreamin’

  1. Ahh, sweet friend, how lovely to hear from you! For some reason, this post didn’t appear in my daily feed and I just happened upon it now. Your little nest in Edinburgh is so charming, and I know you will miss it sorely, but ahhh, the delights of the enchanted spot to which you returned. 💕 You are so right….treasures to be found around every corner, be it fresh or familiar. Xox

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    1. Hey dear Lori. Thank you 🙏. I hope you’re thriving and not too overheated? I’ll still be in Edinburgh until the end of the month and – celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Sir Walter Scott – will visit his home at Abbotsford in Melrose, Roxburghshire on Saturday. Hopefully some happy photographic / reflection opportunities there too. Sending love 🙂xx


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