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Design your life to minimise reliance on willpower – B J Fogg

Yesterday’s ‘where we deliberately and carefully choose to place ourselves’ thoughts have stayed with me, and B J Fogg’s presence in my daily journal firms up a bit more on what I’ve been mulling. Living – or ‘designing’ – our lives deliberately and purposely doesn’t have to involve huge effort and strength all the time. It’s potentially more about a sort of cheerful mental paintbrush and canvas, architect’s desk and drawing pen, meditation stool and silence, list of chapters / book outline. Maybe a listening to what’s going on inside without comment, coupled with making little decisions in the moment: ‘where would be the right place to give this some more thought?’ or ‘would a change of window be a good thing right now?’

I shall be deliberate about where and when I place myself today, without resort to determined willpower, better aligned with flow …

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