I see (and was seen)

And there’s one called soft square …


Today’s shout out is for my optometrist and his colleague, a dispensing optician. I’ve been concerned, for a while now, about continuing eyesight problems after treatment for a retinal tear. And you know how it is: the things that go on in our heads!

Well, suffice to say, after a very thorough and highly educational optometry consultation this morning, followed up by advice and encouragement from the dispensing optician, I walked out of their premises with a spring in my step. And the words of the day are: ‘reassured’ and ‘new glasses’. Soft square is the style of the new specs – not, actually, a description of me!

I’ve been thinking since about how hugely important are the people in our lives who provide us with support and reassurance. In the midst of what was a very busy morning for both my advisors, I nonetheless felt seen, heard and encouraged as though I were the only person they needed to see today. That’s priceless. And deeply appreciated.

Reassurance is something we all have opportunities to provide that – sometimes – we’re uniquely qualified’ to offer. I shall hope to be able to make someone else feel as good as the entire team at EEC made me feel this morning. Thank you!

11 thoughts on “I see (and was seen)

    1. Priceless is absolutely the word for it, Lori, isn’t it? I know this will sound bizarre – but I saw a little Instagram video of a baby elephant stuck in a play-tyre the other day. Her/his mum was quick to come to the rescue: attentive, seeing, listening – and a speedy rescuer. I believe that the baby elephant won’t forget that (elephants never … 😉) – and those images came to mind yesterday. Thank you, as ever, for seeing and hearing and speaking 👸😘xx

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      1. Ahhh, elephants are such incredible creatures, aren’t they? Your reference brings to mind a couple of items…a book by Lawrence Anthony called ‘The Elephant Whisperer’— his connection with these magnificent creatures was amazing! And the way they repaid his love and kindness…it took my breath away. And I don’t know if you subscribe to Netflix, but speaking of baby elephants, there’s a lovely documentary called ‘Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale’ that I thoroughly enjoyed. 💕

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