Lanterns and looking

Wow! Today is much, much lovelier than the BBC’s weather forecast had suggested it might be. I’m ceaselessly amazed (as you’ll have noticed 😉) by what sunshine and a blue sky does to my little garden space.

On another note, I dreamt last night (again) of Emily Dickinson and her little oil-lamp-lit writing table in Amherst. Waking, this morning, I wondered why? And the first thing I spotted in my instagram feed (from @poetryisnotaluxury) was …

… perhaps that’s what all of us are doing when we’re asleep? Or awake?

Emily Dickinson’s writing table
photo at

2 thoughts on “Lanterns and looking

  1. Ohmygosh, Simon, yet another example of words touching my soul. Yes, I think we are all searching in some form or fashion, and I dare say your lovely garden provides the perfect spot for such musings. That white vining flower is exquisite…💕

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    1. Thanks, Lori 😃. I particularly love the imagery of ‘out with lanterns looking’ – why the plural? Wouldn’t one person have one lantern? Is Emily D deliberately allowing that more than she alone are engaged in this searching? And / or are her ‘lanterns’ starlight – suggesting the myriad searchings of the night hours? Just a few well-placed words open the gates to firmaments – indeed to a vast and ever-expanding universe, way above and beyond all forms of dull literalism … 💞☀️xx

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