Sunday morning ☀️

House martins swooping and chuntering, turtle doves, rooks, a family of sparrows, walkers visiting for the bank holiday weekend, quiet gardeners – and me and my deckchair with coffee and (ridiculously and quite usually) two books * on the go. All pleased as Punch with a sunny, blue-skied, blooming and blossoming lovely Sunday morning …

* Human kind – A Hopeful History, Rutger Bregman & Every body – A Book About Freedom, Olivia Laing

What colour’s supper today?

You really wanted to know, Jay? OK. Just for fun …

almonds, apple juice, mixed beans – with a tiny pot of vinaigrette dressing, banana, beetroot, cardamom, carrot, cherry tomatoes, ground cinnamon, dates, figs, ground garlic salt, green olives, humous, mixed seeds – including pumpkin, sesame and sunflower, ground nutmeg, olive oil, potato and chives salad, mozarella cheese, prunes, rocket, sundried tomatoes, turmeric and coriander. Plus 2 squares of 90% dark chocolate, water, and a shot of nespresso kazaar

Scrummy 😊

Sustenance 😊

Sustenance in the perfect writer’s nook …

The haar – sea fret, or cold sea fog – has been fairly bone chilling since it rolled in at sunset last night. But there’s also something ethereal and wonderful about it.

Striding along the sands at the edge of the North Sea is exhilarating, even if chilling. Do you ever find yourself involuntarily smiling – from the inside out – though your eyes are streaming, and your teeth are chattering, and you could do with a couple of extra clothing layers?

If you do – and you like warm welcome, great coffee, sourdough breakfast rolls, writer’s nooks, views and happy vibe – then I hope that you find a Beach House just like this one!