Still a bit bleak


Hmm. Still a bit bleak and grey this morning but I hit the road anyway – cheered on by the family and friends who are themselves engaged in post-festive efforts to regain their former shape! Flat-footed, I’ve never been a hugely enthusiastic walker (hence the bike). But, recognising walking’s health benefits, I’m also beginning to recognise the joys of morning meditation ‘on the hoof’, accompanied by birdsong, and with lungs full of good fresh air. Even when it’s raining! Five and a half miles after breakfast, and home by 10am. A car journey tomorrow will give my poor blisters a chance to heal.

Blue sky days

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The forecasters tell us that rain is headed our way tomorrow. But we’ve had a few wonderful blue-sky days and our neighbourhood has shone in all its (granted, slippery!) glory. I wonder what it is about blue sky that cheers us all up so? Or what in grey sky has the opposite effect? Still: if it turns out to be a grey day tomorrow I shall try to remember to be grateful for the ensuing melting of the ice. To everything its season!

Golden morning

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Yesterday’s grey evening gave way to a glorious golden morning. We’ve not had as much snow as other parts of the UK and the ice on this road lay in wait for the unsuspecting  (me) – and I’m glad I only sustained a bruised shoulder. It’s not so bad walking uphill. The ski run, of course, catches you out going down! Not a morning easily resisted though, and once again the coffee on my return tasted and felt doubly great.

Wind-whipped ears


These boots traversed six miles of wintry Lakeland this afternoon, in fierce wind and sharp bursts of snow that whipped my ears and face. Ridiculously exhilarating! Cloud was being tumbled about like light balloons, and there were some very indignant sheep en-route. This photo well illustrates clouds racing just as my heart-rate was. You may be able to spot deep-snow covered fells in the distance. By late afternoon the roads had turned into ice-rinks – and I’m not a proficient skater so my pace was decidedly slowed. All the more reason to be delighted to reach home, lungs full to bursting with icy fresh air, for coffee, hot buttered toast, and a FaceTime call from a delighted granddaughter who had just ‘made a snowman for Daddy.’