Storm Doris en route

Early evening weather-watching walk today, and I want to allow these photos their own space. Across six miles the sky invited poets to let their imaginations run wild. I’m astonished every day by how quickly the landscape changes. I’m often reminded that the Coleridges and the Wordsworths routinely walked distances that would make most of us blanche today. That’s where their poetry and journals came from.

As they were friends and companions for each other, so, too, they kept company with landscape, indeed with their entire natural environment. The met office reports tonight that Storm Doris is headed for the UK. The (bit of a) panentheist in me rather approves of the recent practice of naming weather phenomena. Though no new poem has arisen in my heart and head tonight, Dorothy Wordsworth’s instinct for journal-keeping nudges. I wonder what she’d make of twenty-first century blogging. Or motorised transport?

Still a bit bleak


Hmm. Still a bit bleak and grey this morning but I hit the road anyway – cheered on by the family and friends who are themselves engaged in post-festive efforts to regain their former shape! Flat-footed, I’ve never been a hugely enthusiastic walker (hence the bike). But, recognising walking’s health benefits, I’m also beginning to recognise the joys of morning meditation ‘on the hoof’, accompanied by birdsong, and with lungs full of good fresh air. Even when it’s raining! Five and a half miles after breakfast, and home by 10am. A car journey tomorrow will give my poor blisters a chance to heal.