Adults and bicycles

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.

Sometimes attributed to H G Wells

Whether or not H G Wells actually spoke or wrote those words we know that he was a passionately keen cyclist. And we share his enthusiasm – though we can only speculate about what he’d make of our assisted ‘e-bikes’.

Perhaps he’d be as thrilled with them as we have been in the last three or four years. We experience mile upon mile’s worth of wind in my wheels in our decidedly hilly neighbourhood.

This afternoon we travelled five miles or so encountering no more traffic than a single horse and rider, quietly and slowly sauntering in early evening sunlight and a warm breeze.

And when, from time to time, an out of breath hill-climbing cyclist shouts after us ‘hey! they’re cheating!’ we unfailingly beam, broadly, and shout back ‘we know  – and we love it!’

Descending a Lakeland hill at 25mph on a bike, hair waved back by the wind, lungs full to bursting with good clean air, I reckon Wells knew what he was talking or writing (or not!) about.


Delightful serendipity introduced me to a lovely couple from New York City at London’s Aldwych Theatre tonight. 

Beautiful is a celebration of the life and work of iconic singer Carole King (yup, You’ve got a friend …) who was born in that same city. Stagecraft and set were sumptuous and electrifying. We’re high as kites after a joy-filled procession of delight that received a standing ovation and heartfelt cries for more. 

I told my new friends I’d look out for them in Central Park when we finally head across the Atlantic to have long awaited coffee and grilled cheese with Lori and Mimi and co. (yup, You’ve got worldwide friends). They’re gonna see what’s up with the Karma Truck and with Wind in My Wheels too so, when you two read this, and you’re remembering Carole King’s Beautiful over here in London City, it was great to meet you!