Quietened – and thankful

I’ve stayed fairly close to home base today, largely watching the ever-changing skyline here, as the short-term ‘zonking’ effects of my first Covid-jab kicked in. I want to record here that, in company with millions, my overwhelming thought about the vaccination, and the paid and volunteer-staffed processes that help administer it, is of profound gratitude. Thank you to all who are working to ensure protection and gradual restoration to ‘normal’ life. And thanks to those who work night and day to help and comfort all affected by coronavirus – through illness, loss and bereavement 🙏

Budding – and finding one’s feet

Of the many budding-new-life Springtime images I’ve seen today, this one in the storyline of @phonophotos_1k on Instagram moved my soul the most, together with a few from my garden here …

Is there anything, really, quite so heartening and miraculous as the annual budding cycle in the returning of Spring? – (unless you happened to be watching telly a little earlier and saw a lamb tottering to its little feet about 30 seconds after it arrived in the world!)

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Lungs full of fresh air

This sturdy little set of wheels is such a friend! After such a long lockdown already, the lungs full of fresh air facilitated by four or five miles out and about on my Brompton create serotonin quicker than most anything else I can think of. You know it’s true because you can’t stop smiling, and feel altogether 100 percent better afterwards!