At the Gates of Dawn

There are moments in all our lives when we find ourselves awestruck – aware of unexpected encounter we understand has changed something deep in us, without quite being able to recall the detail. Somehow awakened to ‘otherness,’ somehow knowing ourselves called to quiet contemplation in the midst of the everyday. Conscious of all our unknowing, but on the cusp of something, and content to be awestruck anyway …

Ullswater blue

My little red adventurer and I checked in with the Lakeland weather forecast earlier today. Present blue sky’s a bit of a short-term blip in a (more usual for January) sea of grey, they say. So we set out to capture a few snapshots – reminders of light and warmth to come, and perhaps of glad company with whom to sing: ‘it’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day …’ ☀️🌿

Coffee-time daydreamin’

I shall miss my first coffee of the day here in this library – one that, literally, transports people to new worlds! This morning I’m thinking of a conversation before dinner last night.

Her face illuminated by sunset, leaning on the stern rail aboard MS Borealis, a fellow ocean lover told me: ‘every morning, when I open my eyes, I ask myself “what’s the best that might happen?” – and pretty much every day outshines whatever I imagined.’

And here comes sunrise! Thank you, Borealis ☀️🙏