More storm ‘n’ sun

As though the ‘end product’ of the water cycle were not extraordinary provision enough to life on earth, its staggering beauty is a literally immeasurable gift. Think of every time you lie down and gaze upward at the sky; or sit near a window – reading or dozing but also aware of cloud formations; or look down from your airplane window at the ‘ice cream castles in the air’; or visit an art gallery, or call to mind any number of your favourite paintings or photographs. Water in motion, at any stage in the cycle, on earth or in the heavens, makes this beautiful planet of ours dynamically spectacular – every nanosecond, everywhere …


Photo by Kate Laine at Unsplash

A big shout out this morning to the people in our lives who bring us art and design. They’re worth their weight in gold – and conversation (face to face or ‘online’) with someone who’s passionate about design – and great at it – always sends my spirits soaring.

Where we deliberately and carefully choose to place ourselves, and things that inspire and bring meaning to our lives, are hugely important. In Kate Laine’s photo here I catch a scent of mince pies just out of the oven, it’s probably blowing a rainy gale outside, and whoever lives here is delighted to be home for the evening. Calming, joyful, relaxed and comfortable.

Heavy grey cloud and rain greeted my early Lakeland walk today, and the continuing metamorphosis of the natural world smelled and appeared earthy and inevitable – just as the design and creation of spaces to hold our own unfolding, resting and rising are. And I’m so thankful for designer / artist / photographer / poet friends I’ve been chatting with in much loved Edinburgh. The juxtaposition of my Lakeland life, and my Edinburgh life, and the treasured people in both, amounts to high art and design in itself.

And on a drizzly grey morning it all seems to carry the wide-smiling imprint of a caring and joyful designer – and of mindful intention.