Sunday morning ☀️

House martins swooping and chuntering, turtle doves, rooks, a family of sparrows, walkers visiting for the bank holiday weekend, quiet gardeners – and me and my deckchair with coffee and (ridiculously and quite usually) two books * on the go. All pleased as Punch with a sunny, blue-skied, blooming and blossoming lovely Sunday morning …

* Human kind – A Hopeful History, Rutger Bregman & Every body – A Book About Freedom, Olivia Laing

What colour’s supper today?

You really wanted to know, Jay? OK. Just for fun …

almonds, apple juice, mixed beans – with a tiny pot of vinaigrette dressing, banana, beetroot, cardamom, carrot, cherry tomatoes, ground cinnamon, dates, figs, ground garlic salt, green olives, humous, mixed seeds – including pumpkin, sesame and sunflower, ground nutmeg, olive oil, potato and chives salad, mozarella cheese, prunes, rocket, sundried tomatoes, turmeric and coriander. Plus 2 squares of 90% dark chocolate, water, and a shot of nespresso kazaar

Scrummy 😊